The Madison City Hall’s web page omits extremely important information about the current power of the mayor. In part 6  of the governance transition list, it says that currently the mayor does not have a vote on the city council. However, it omits that the mayor has veto power over some things the council votes on. In part 7 it repeats that the mayor does not vote on the council, but it again neglects saying that the mayor has some power to veto.

What is a veto? The council needs the votes of 4 out of their 7 members in order to approve a matter. But in some cases, the mayor can reverse that vote with his ONE veto. A veto is therefore like having 4 votes, because it overrides that 4-council member vote majority. (Note that the council can override the mayor’s veto if they can muster five votes.)

When we vote for our mayor, we are voting for that veto. If we get rid of the mayor-council form, we lose that veto, which has the power of 4 votes,. That is a lot of power to lose. We urge you to vote NO on May 9.