The ballot language and election date were approved by the Madison city council on 3/13/23.

“The City of Madison, with order of the Probate Court, has set the date for voters to decide the future of Madison’s municipal form of government. The special election will be held on May 9th, with voters utilizing their regular municipal local election polling places open from 7am to 7pm.
Absentee ballot applications for the special election will be available April 11th.” (From the city Elections page.)

The full resolution can be viewed here.

The City Council directs that the question to be submitted shall be printed in plain, prominent type on separate ballots and shall read as follows:

“Shall the council-manager form of government as provided by the Council-Manager Act of 1982 be adopted for the City of Madison consisting of seven members as follows: One member shall be the mayor elected at large, who shall be a voting member of the Council, and six members shall be council members elected from single- member districts?

Yes __________________ No __________________”
The voter shall mark his ballot with a cross mark (X) after the word which expresses his choice.