Government inefficiency is actually good for us.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia says in this video that we don’t want government to run smoothly! Gridlock is a good thing. Partisan conflict is fine. Why? Because if government were free from all these hassles, it would grow in power and size. A lot. And the power of ordinary people would shrink, a lot. We lose our voices and our liberty.

Madison City government wants to become more streamlined by getting rid of the elected mayor as the executive. A City Manager would be hired as a CEO, running us as a business. An unelected city manager. You lose your vote for the city executive. Why? Because managing the city would be more smooth. No worries about the executive getting re-elected. No need to listen those pesky voters who squawk at city council meetings. The path is much more clear for “economic development” (i.e., massive debt) and trendy initiatives such as “electrification” (i.e., outlawing our cars).

Don’t be fooled by promises of more “continuity” and “efficiency”–ask what they want to do so efficiently and continuously. What government wants to do is the only thing it can do: spend your money and regulate your life. We don’t need them to be able to do that any more easily!

Vote NO on the city manager change.