A small group of citizens united this week to form a PAC (political action committee) by the name of “Don’t Mess with Madison” in order to fight major changes being pushed in Madison, Alabama.

A petition has been circling the city in order to initiate a special election for a change in our form of government. Madison Forward is the group in charge of this initiative.

Their goal is to change Madison’s form of government from a strong mayor form to a City Manager form of government.

What would this change mean for Madison City?

  • Decreased transparency
  • Decreased accountability to voters
  • Another layer of UNELECTED bureaucrats
  • Fewer districts due to redistricting (fewer representatives)
  • City Manager would take over ALL of the administrative duties that the Mayor currently does.
  • Mayor would have ONLY CEREMONIAL duties (ribbon-cutting, etc)
  • Less hurdles to our government officials CONTINUING to run Madison into debt.